Long-Term Staffing

Customers engage MedHQ to provide long-term staffing services related to the day-to-day operations of the customer’s facility. MedHQ supplies the employees to perform supervisory, administrative and support services necessary for the day-to-day operation of the Facility.

• MedHQ employees perform the duties and functions assigned in accordance with the policies, directives, and regulations adopted by the Board of Managers of customer facility.

• MedHQ shall be the employer of Staff for all lawful purposes.  As such, MedHQ has the authority to hire, terminate, discipline, schedule, and determine the wages and benefits of Staff.

Any and all activities constituting the practice of medicine, as that term is defined under any applicable law, remain under the exclusive supervision and control of a licensed physician.

MedHQ, as the employer of Staff, shall be solely responsible for the following: 

• Recruitment: MedHQ shall recruit, screen, interview, hire, and assign its employees (“Assigned Employees”) to perform onsite services for Client, at times, dates, and locations to which MedHQ and Client shall mutually agree (“Assignments”).  Client shall provide sufficient information regarding the requirements for each Assignment to enable MedHQ to assess the suitability of Assigned Employees for each Assignment.

• Paying earned wages
• Employee benefits
• Payroll taxes and unemployment insurance
• Workers compensation insurance
• Work site safety inspection

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