Leaders of ASCs are responsible not only for safeguarding the health of their patients, but also for making wide-ranging management decisions that affect the facility’s risk management, efficiency, and productivity.

The day-to-day duties of running an ASC are complex and time-consuming, and ASC managers and administrators need ongoing support from an accounting and financial services provider they can trust completely. MedHQ earns this confidence from clients by providing timely, thorough, and accurate financial reports, as well as detailed analysis and expert advice geared toward maximizing their business performance.

The MedHQ accounting team’s goal is to focus on the business side of running an ASC, so surgery center management can focus on their patients. MedHQ’s healthcare accountants have decades of experience in the industry and understand every step of the healthcare revenue cycle. With services tailored to each client’s specific needs, MedHQ’s accounting team acts as trusted advisors to their clients.

The MedHQ accounting team offers ASC clients an accurate, up-to-date picture of their financial affairs. But they go beyond that in their services, paying close attention to important details that might be overlooked, and staying on top of key metrics that aren’t always tracked.

These accounting services help clients reduce their risk, increase their revenue, and save money by avoiding expensive errors, discovering cost-saving opportunities, and improving everyday efficiency. By leveraging their extensive knowledge of the healthcare revenue cycle, MedHQ helps ASC leaders make informed decisions about their business.

The due diligence MedHQ specializes in has a proven record of uncovering significant savings. In one case, they discovered that while a client was making payments on a large loan, the lender made a serious mistake in the payment schedule. The lender had calculated the wrong amount for the balance due – and their meticulous investigation into the error saved the client $300,000. In another instance, MedHQ unearthed a large number of old accounts that their client had not collected on. Due diligence revealed shortcomings in the ASC’s overall AR process and led to the collection of approximately $100,000 that would have been written off otherwise.

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