It’s a given that when you hire excellent employees, you want them to be happy with their work and stay for the long haul.

Building a team of experienced, reliable professionals benefits your ASC in many important ways over time. Satisfied long-term employees help provide outstanding patient care, create a supportive company culture, and lower expenses for ASCs.

Employee turnover is costly, resulting in approximately $10,000 to $12,000 in replacement costs (recruitment, training, and onboarding) – and for certain key positions, much more – for each full-time employee. If you improve your center’s retention rate, you’ll not only maintain a dedicated staff, you’ll also make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Follow these four steps to cultivate a healthy and happy work environment for your employees.

  1. Offer fair compensation.

You must pay people what they’re worth if you want to attract and retain qualified employees. Gather information from credible industry sources, such as ASCA, to determine fair and transparent compensation ranges for each position. To help ASCs with this process, MedHQ developed a 100-question job analysis guide as a starting point to calculate pay for different roles. Ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time every single pay period.

  1. Get the benefits right.

Your center’s employee benefits plan is another important factor in reducing turnover. Employees feel valued and taken care of when they receive competitive paid time off, health coverage, and retirement savings options. Automate these processes to eliminate risk and keep employees informed about every detail of their benefits – without creating additional work and stress for your HR department.

  1. Offer room for growth.

Great employees will continue to learn and grow over time, investing their expertise back into your center. But to do so, they need ongoing opportunities to advance their career and expand their skills. Prioritize professional development, mentorship, and leadership for employees at all stages of their career.

  1. Create a culture where employees thrive.

Organizational culture plays a huge role in whether employees decide to stay or leave. A job with great pay, benefits, and growth potential won’t be enough to keep an employee if the culture supports harassment, poor management, or other toxic behaviors. Be intentional about hiring for cultural fit, addressing risks and problems immediately, and nurturing a work environment that reflects your center’s core values.

Download MedHQ’s whitepaper on saving money and improving employee happiness through better HR.