As ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) turn over every stone to find the efficiencies that will help them stay competitive in a changing marketplace, looking hard at HR practices is an excellent place to find savings.


One of the simplest ways for an ASC HR department to save money is to outsource the work that is necessary to prepare for the employee benefits open enrollment period. Administering an open enrollment period can take weeks of preparation, costing the department 40-80 hours of productivity.


MedHQ has worked with over 70 healthcare facility partners to find HR savings that also deliver the benefits of improving employee satisfaction and reducing risk.  Through the process, MedHQ gleaned a host of key findings that guided the creation of the MedHQ 10-Point HR Audit (10-Point HR Audit). The 10-Point HR Audit identifies inefficiencies that, when addressed, can result in six-figure savings for a healthcare facility.


Productivity lost on open enrollment preparation and administration can be even higher for surgery centers with more employees and high turnover. More efficient open enrollment preparation, combined with outsourcing the time it takes to evaluate and decide upon benefits renewal, has a pair of advantages:


  1. Outsourcing open enrollment work can save a center up to $10,000each year
  2. And, it allowscenter management to stay focused on high-value priorities


Click here to download the MedHQ white paper, “10 Ways to Save $10,000 in Human Resources.”


About the MedHQ 10-Point HR Audit
It takes approximately one or two hours for back office staff to gather the information necessary for the 10-Point HR audit. Typical savings = six figures. Request your risk-free 10-Point HR Audit today. If MedHQ fails to identify $25,000 in savings, the audit is free.