When you choose MedHQ to help you handle your back office needs, you choose professionals that are intimately engaged in your success. This is because we love what we do, and enjoy the opportunity to serve. MedHQ continuously strives to exceed client expectations while adhering to our core values including Respect, Innovation, Trust, and Energy (RITE). MedHQ has the RITE values to support your critical corporate services.


• Treat everyone as you would like to be treated
• Seek mutual interests
• Listen to understand
• Treat each other as well as we do our clients
• Return calls, timely with personal touch
• Acknowledge others’ value
• Be generous with expressions of thanks


• Embrace new technology to enhance the value of our services in the market place
• Continuously improve the processes and procedures that make up our daily tasks
• Be students of our professions; ask “why” five times; constantly learn


• Demonstrate ability, intelligence and insight
• Create realistic expectations
• Act with Integrity, follow through on promises
• Do what you say you’re going to do
• Keep confidential information confidential
• Act with benevolence, tell the truth
• Do what’s best for our clients


• Balance mind, body, spirit, emotion
• Optimize time without affecting quality
• Have an upbeat, positive attitude
• Go the extra mile
• Be creative
• Have fun