The calendar is moving quickly toward 2017, and we are entering that time of year where you are going to be pulled in all directions with critical end-of-year matters including evaluating health plans and perhaps even looking at new vendor proposals.

These important decisions can positively (or negatively) impact your center’s bottom line.

MedHQ has developed a short quiz that will tell you whether evaluating your health plan needs to be a priority for your center.


If you’ve answered yes to the majority of these questions, there’s no need to spend the month of November on your health benefits plan. But if most of your answers were no, we can help you find a better solution. And here’s the good news – there’s still time.

We move quickly to help surgery centers evaluate and make decisions regarding health plans that not only save money but also attract and retain employees in a candidate-driven market.

Email, fill out the form below, or call today: 708-492-0519. CEO and Co-Founder Tom Jacobs works daily with ASC leadership to improve operations, reduce costs and reduce their employer risk.

To learn more, download our recent white paper, “10 Ways Surgery Centers are Wasting Money in Human Resources.”