How to Mitigate Your ASC's Top 5 Employment Risks

Handled improperly, adverse events in human resources can significantly derail your workforce productivity, cost tens of thousands of dollars and cause upward pressure on your insurance rates. MedHQ provides strategies for mitigating risk and handling the top five most difficult human resources risk events. Get practical, proven strategies you can put to work in your center today.

A Guide to Improving Business Performance Through ASC Accounting Expertise

When it comes to financial services, the one thing leaders of amubulatory surgery centers need most is confidence. More specifically, they need to be sure the wide-ranging management decisions they’re making are based on financial reports that are timely, thorough, and accurate. They need independent advice they can trust, and counsel that comes from deep experience in healthcare. MedHQ delivers just that.

Overcoming Four Challenges Surgery Centers Face in Physician Credentialing

Bringing order and structure to the process of physician credentialing is one of the most meticulous tasks ambulatory surgery centers face. But a thorough, effective credentialing process is critical to successful staffing and operation of any surgery center and is important for meeting regulatory standards. MedHQ, the leading provider of HR, accounting, and back-office administrative services focused specifically on the ambulatory surgery center market, provides solutions to the top four challenges surgery centers face in credentialing.

10 Ways Surgery Centers are Wasting Money in Human Resources

MedHQ has worked with 70+ healthcare facility partners to find additional savings that also deliver the benefits of improving employee satisfaction and reducing risk. Through the process, MedHQ gleaned a host of key findings that guided the creation of the MedHQ 10-Point HR Audit. The 10-Point HR Audit identifies inefficiencies that, when addressed, can result in six-figure savings for a healthcare facility.

Solving the Top ASC Employee Discipline Problems

MedHQ surveyed a group of 46 ASC managers attending the California Ambulatory Surgery Association’s annual conference to determine which employee discipline issues causing the most concern. Click below to download the white paper, learn the results of the survey, and read strategies for addressing specific employee discipline problems.

Eliminating the Drama & Risk Exposure Caused by Under-Performing Employees

MedHQ found employee disciplinary issues are the biggest concerns for ASC managers. Click below to download the white paper and learn more about the survey results, and human resources strategies to improve productivity and reduce cost at your surgery center.