Automation software is only as good as the people running it

For years, MedHQ has been using practice management and automation software to improve efficiency and cut costs for clients.

MedHQ greatly reduces HR-related paperwork, by keeping it on a secure, cloud-based platform. With MedHQ, your employee file information, check stubs, tax documents and other administrative forms can be access with just a few clicks.

There are literally hundreds of HR tasks that can be made simpler using properly installed HR automation software, for example: automated timekeeping with payroll integration, online employee record-keeping, online employee benefits management and online training.


Our automated tools also greatly reduce staff time spent processing HR tasks, such as payroll processing or PTO management. Instead of spending work hours compiling and analyzing timekeeping data, replying to PTO requests, and the like, employees can log time, make PTO requests, and accomplish scores of other HR tasks automatically. Managers can then see the requests, along with reports, such as a log of all PTO the employee has taken to date, view staffing schedules and dozens of other areas of employee information. This greatly reduces time spent on HR processes.