MedHQ brings order and structure to credentialing. We track all your medical staff’s credentials and store all of their paperwork so that it is readily available when you need it. We maintain calendars of deadlines and send reminders to administrators to let them know when they need to renew their medical staff’s credentials. What’s more, our staff keeps current on industry, municipal, state and federal credentialing guidelines and lets you know when governing bodies pass new regulations that affect your staff.

Physician organizations nationwide trust MedHQ to manage their most important asset. With MedHQ, your dedicated HR advisors are never more than a phone call away.

Healthcare Consulting


With over 10 years of service to the healthcare industry, MedHQ has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and capability that will enable your business to thrive for the long term. With the constant change and evolution within the healthcare industry, you need professional services providers with the knowledge, skills and foresight to help steer your business in a direction that is consistent with your vision and values, and sustainable for the long-run.

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