When it comes to high-risk human resources events, ASCs need to ensure they understand how improperly handling adverse events in human resources (HR) can significantly derail workforce productivity, cost tens of thousands of dollars and cause upward pressure on insurance rates. To assist with that effort, a new guide from MedHQ titled, How to Mitigate Your ASC’s Top 5 HR Risks, provides ASC leaders practical and proven strategies to implement at their facilities.

Launched in 2003, MedHQ assists ASCs with improving revenue, enhancing company culture, and taking time-consuming tasks off the plates of administrators, allowing them to focus on the high-value priorities of running and managing surgery centers. Since 2011, MedHQ has tracked a “Top 10” of HR risk management issues, assigning a monetary risk factor to each event. Today, the company has hundreds of such events in a database, and helps clients gain the benefit of that history.

“In an environment of rapid change, ASC leaders are already stretched thin,” says Tom Jacobs, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MedHQ, the leading provider of human resources staffing and onsite management services focused specifically on the ASC market. “This topic matters for ASCs and out-patient healthcare businesses because HR risks divert the attention of senior management, distracting them from their goals to improve the quality of care, and improve business results.”

MedHQ’s Vice President of Human Resources, Rita Hernandez-Figi works with ASCs nationwide to provide the business insight they need, so organizations can keep their focus on their patients. “When it comes to preventive practices, it’s all about being proactive vs reactive. An experienced HR team knows how to craft a job description, recruit the right candidates, and implement an interview process that brings candidates with the best skills and fit to the top.”

Hernandez-Figi uses her deep expertise as she addresses the top five high-risk HR events including: FMLA/ADA interactions, workers’ compensation claims, involuntary termination, sexual harassment and hostile work environments.

For ASCs, the key to success with high-risk events is to leverage an expert HR skill set to mitigate risks by aligning HR best practices to business strategy and integrating competent HR execution into every day operations.

ASC leadership interested in more tips and recommendations for leveraging accurate, insightful leadership counsel can download the full white paper here.