We are Healthcare Professionals

No other company can match MedHQ’s human resources experience at surgical facilities and related physician practices.

We’re not just HR and accounting experts – we’re healthcare experts. Each of our consultants has prior healthcare industry experience. That’s why more than 50 healthcare organizations nationwide trust MedHQ to manage their HR and accounting.

Labor is the single biggest cost to a surgery center. MedHQ knows healthcare regulations, accreditation, and compliance and certification requirements, so we can recommend staffing, performance management and workflow improvements that meet the specific needs of healthcare staff. Plus, we recruit the right talent and supply benchmarking data to ensure your employee compensation is appropriate based on your market, size and specialties.

MedHQ’s accounting services are also tailored to the specific needs of healthcare providers. Our services include: net medical revenue analysis; case costing; patient accounting; outside compliance audits; and accounting related to ownership transactions. In addition, you can rest easy knowing that independent CPAs are overseeing your accounting processes and eliminating the temptations of fraud and theft. Bottom line, you will have accurate financial reports that will save you and your staff time, money, and stress.

We believe in building partnerships with our clients and providing service with a personal touch. With MedHQ, your dedicated HR and accounting advisors will never be more than a phone call away.

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Expert Accounting

Financial and management accounting by CPAs who know the healthcare revenue cycle. Finally, you will have accurate reports.

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